simbiosi architects

Conversion and extension of semidetached Victorian house in 5 self contained unit

Yellow London stock brick was the material chosen for the extension envelope creating a sympathetic relation with skin with adjacent block and the original main body of the building.
An open plan layout was proposed for the living area responding to the current life style, maximising the light and free flow movement.
High ceiling and exposed pitched roof at loft level have provided a further sense of spacious.
The bedrooms, have been located mainly at the rear side, benefiting from a more intimate dimension in contrast with the open view through the lush corridor green space.

Additional Info

  • Client: Private
  • City: Lambeth, London
  • Region: Greater London
  • Team: Michele Pecoraro (Architect)
    Intuitive (Civil Engineers)
    KPAcoustics (Acoustic Consultants)