simbiosi architects

Redevelopment of Is Mortorius - Ex Military Compound

The proposal in terms of the functions and uses provided has been directed toward the creation of a system that can provide continuity in a spatial meaning - overcoming the gap of the road – and temporal meaning - surpassing the seasonality – the use of the various parts of the compendium. In this perspective, natural areas become the connective element that includes a path art/nature that develops on both sides to upstream and downstream of the coastal road. The set routes and facilities is one public space discrete, diffuse and polycentric, that offer to the visitors experience of the place not only contemplative but enhanced and enlarged interaction also with artistic interventions closely linked to the place itself.

Additional Info

  • Client: Conservatoria delle coste della Sardegna
  • City: Cagliari
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Team: VPS Architetti (architects), Tecnolav Engineering (technical supports), Marco PIRAS (architect), Luigi Depperu (architect), Andreas Forges DAVANZATI (artist), Stefano ASILI (graphic designer), Mario PALOMBA (economician), Donatella BILARDI (archeologist), Giuseppe MEREU (gardening expert)
  • Project Information: Project 6th classified