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Requalification of the Park "Tanca Manna" in Nuoro


The park Tanca Manna is identified mainly by the existence nuraghe.
And the nuraghe is the engine of the concept of requalification, together with the idea of making the park more "accessible" to children, but not only, with a path "ludo-educational" about the resources of Sardinia. 

There is a game for children formed by a series of stacked colored wooden rings that form a truncated cone which refers to the image of nuraghe, formed by a series of rows of stones.
The combination of these two elements creates the concept of the project realized with the creation of some stone rings around trees or rocks in strategic locations in the park to form a path to discover botanical species and stones of Sardinia.

Additional Info

  • Client: Municipality of Nuoro
  • City: Nuoro
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Team: Marco PIRAS, Louiza POLYZOGOPOULOU