simbiosi architects

Redevelopment of the Historical Centre of Nuoro

We wanted to share the objective to upgrade and enhance many areas of the city. Unused space, not appreciated for the degradation which has been the subject for both the poor quality or lack of practicality that characterizes them.
Turn on the "fires", fires of interest, awareness, re-appropriation, reconsideration of places, just like the "Janas" in the Sardinian mythology.
Fires to attract people, events, attention and generate meetings and discussions between generations, cultures, ethnicities, values.

Additional Info

  • Client: Municipality of Nuoro
  • City: Nuoro
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Team: Marco PIRAS, Louiza POLYZOGOPOULOU, Andreas KARAVANAS, Natalia GRAMMATIKOU, Dimitris SAKELLARIOU. Collaborators: Elena Emmanoulidi, Virna KOUTLA, Katerina ROUSSOUNELOU, Charis Sapountsi
  • Project Information: Special Mention, project 4th classified