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Museum of Underwater Antiquities in Piraeus

The grain storage station, which is located within the area of the Cultural Zone - Cultural Coast of Piraeus Port Authority, will host the Museum of Underwater Antiquities, with history of Greek shipping and the eternal relationship of the Greek people to the sea. The museum is situated inside an industrial building which functioned as a grain storage station from 1936 to 2009. The supply process and operation of the silo station inspires and sets the ground for the organization, function and programming of the Museum of Underwater Antiquities.
The grain storage station and disposal turns into a building for hosting, conservation and exhibition of archaeological findings. Thus the natural food storage, turns into a source of culture, history and knowledge. The core element in the design of the building is the exhibition of Underwater Antiquities, deployed inside the very heart of the building, in the area of storage cells while the rest of the building’s functions “hover” around that. The building’s volume remains as introvert as it was, sustaining though a narrative approach around the main exhibit, which happens to be a model of the hull of an ancient Greek trireme (Olympus).

Additional Info

  • Client: OLP
  • City: Piraeus
  • Region: Attica
  • Team: Dora BALNTA, Marco PIRAS, Vassilis MOUSTAKAS