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Redevelopment of the Expo Area in Cagliari

Today the exposition area is presented as a palimpsest of old structures made at different times of the post-war period and the 80's or so, and as historical stratifications, have created a diversity and a lack of unity within the area.
Buildings that have a architectural quality to be enhanced and additions that have been made without respecting, again, the original architectural style.
Overall, the buildings appear today in a bad state of repair, such as boxes worthless, used sporadically.

We have created a "red carpet" in its unfolding that invites the public to get in the space of the exposition and guide him to the visit, sending them between the existing buildings without altering or touching them, on the assumption that it is better to keep existing buildings that have architectural qualities rather than demolish them and build others from scratch.

Additional Info

  • Client: Fiera Internazioneale della Sardegna
  • City: Cagliari
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Team: Design Team: Marco PIRAS, Louiza POLYZOGOPOLOU, Dora BALNTA, Nikos XANTOS. Collaborator: Yorgos AVRAMIS