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1st Public School with Covered Gym in Neapolis

The “1st Elementary School of St. Paul in the Municipality of Neapolis - Sykies" is positioned on the border between the urban and the natural environment of the city and this could not do anything else of guiding the design. 
We are proposing a landscape building, which clearly indicates the presence of the institution to the point, without overimpose itself, but leaving to the natural landscape the primary role. The building complex is designed as a balcony of the mountain to the city and tries to work as the extension of the natural environment in a way that it limits and organizes the very land on which it is built. 
The building complex is organized in three distinct levels. Each of these levels signifies a set of functions: at the highest level (level +3.50m) the main classrooms and the laboratory spaces are placed. In the middle and basic entry level (level + 0.00m) all social spaces and the management are placed. This is the level that also hosts outdoor fitness activities. At the lower level (level -9.30m) the gym is placed, together with the required space of the parking and other auxiliary facilities. 

Additional Info

  • Client: Municipality of Neapolis
  • City: Neapolis-Sikeia
  • Region: Macedonia
  • Team: Louiza POLYZOGOPOULOU,
    Dora BALNTA