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Redevelopment of Eleftheria Square in Thessaloniki

Eleftheria Square is placed in the edge of the historical center of Thessaloniki, close to one of the most vivid living areas facing the Thermaikos gulf.
The design of the Square constitutes an experiential urban place with a highlighted identity both in the day and nighttime, in which the visitor comes up with different experiences and scenarios from time to time. 
The architectural design juxtaposes the strict/monumental with the free/organic, the artificial with the natural, the hard with the soft and the clumping with the liquid. Offers multiple experiences and promotes a new culture where public space brings together the city's inhabitants, places them to a critical point so to open a urban discussion that allows them to exploit as they think best.
The square is being designed as a huge 'vessels' that gathers the whole life of the city. Bounded, under the shade of trees, arranged linearly elongated living free form benches which offer an unobstructed view of the front of the city, the sea, the sky and the square itself.
The square gradually degraded from the perimetric roads and the whole creates a tendency of introversion and isolation from the surrounding environment while leading passers in the "clearing" inside. At the same time, the downgrade compared to the Nikis Avenue allows direct contact with the sea passing under the bridge.
At the end of the square to the seaside a coastal path with huge structural cubes permit a direct contact with water. From there, one is guided to the pier or to the seaside walk as leading to Aristotelous Square and the White Tower. At the same time this penetration of the square in water makes entrance from the sea routes and becomes a landmark. 

Additional Info

  • Client: Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • City: Thessaloniki
  • Region: Macedonia-Thrace
  • Team: Marco PIRAS,
    Dora BALNTA,
    H/M Σχεδιασμος,
    Vlasis BISBIKIS