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Irakleio X4

Linear parks… global innovation?
Around the world there have been many linear parks that have been created in the ruins of another structure. For example in Valencia, Spain, the Turia River was changed direction and was transformed into a big linear park, Turia Park. In Boston the decision of relocating underground the highway in the center of the city gave place to the construction of a sustainable linear park, the Rose Kennedy Greenway. In New York, the decision of non-demolishing the old train rails, gave to its citizens one of the most interesting and well-designed off-the ground urban parks, the High Line Park. In Paris there has been the first off-the ground linear park that leads pleasantly the walker through the dense net of the city. It was designed in 1988 and it is called Promenade Plante.
To conclude…
The urban gap that consists today of the Candia Walls, happens to be in reality a huge reserve of public space, capable to rebirth the city of Herakleio and transform it to an example for imitation.

Additional Info

  • Client: EAXA
  • City: Irakleio
  • Region: Crete
  • Team: Marco PIRAS,
    Dora BALNTA.