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Redevelopment of Palazzo Costa Giani, City Hall

The first goal we have set ourselves is to make the building more municipal accessible, either visually and physically more transparent and permeable to the life of the city.
We then tried to establish contact between the Government of the ideal community and the community itself providing visibility and transparency of what happens inside the town hall reintroducing a typology based on morphological and spatial patterns of political places of Greek and Roman culture, taking the needs of today of a legislative administration participatory , open and close to the needs , ideas and community to action administered .
The reorganization of existing spaces thus becomes the need to adapt to modern technology, without changing the typical structure of nineteenth-century buildings, but innovating and enhancing it to return to the old city hall building, as it is preserved in the collective memory, but giving it a new force with the introduction of new structural elements .
Among the innovations is that - essential - to ensure complete accessibility for the disabled eliminating those architectural barriers that new building standards and regulations also impose for such historic buildings.
The new building should appear adaptable and versatile to every need and for every type of event that the building can host now or in the future.

Additional Info

  • Client: Municipality of San Felice sul Panaro
  • City: San Felice sul Panaro
  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • Team: Marco PIRAS,
    Dora BALNTA,
    Luciano CADEDDU,
    Marco CAPRANI.
  • Project Information: Floor Gross Area: 2.160m2